WOC Pregame Top Ten

By October 26, 2011 News

Every year the Top Ten List at the Weekend of Champions is one of the most fun parts of the weekend.  For those of you who don’t know, the top ten list is simply a list of the top ten schools in attendance at the weekend.  This year in an effort to encourage all of our huddles across the state to bring as many kids as possible to the Weekend of Champions on November 5th-6th in Grand Island we are creating the Pregame Top Ten List.  Below are preliminary figures of schools and the number of students they currently have signed up to attend the weekend.  The list will continue to be updated as numbers come in and the final results will be revealed as always in Grand Island.  We hope this serves as an exciting tool for you to get as many kids as you can to come to hear about Jesus during this powerful weekend.  Let the Pregame begin!

Pregame Top Ten

1.  McCook – 27

2.  Lincoln East – 26

3.  Lincoln Christian – 25

4.  North Platte – 18

5.  Deshler – 16

6.  Centura – 14

7.  David City – 13

8.  Lincoln SW – 12

9.  Pawnee City – 11

10.  Chase County – 10

10.  Lincoln High – 10

Updated 11/2

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