WOC Pre-Game Top Ten

By September 23, 2013 Central, News, Southeast, Western

NebraskaEvery year the Top Ten List at the Weekend of Champions is one of the most fun parts of the Weekend.  For those of you who don’t know, the Top Ten List is simply a list of the top ten schools in attendance at the Weekend.  Once again this year we are hosting the Pre-Game Top Ten on nebraskafca.org. 

We hope this serves as a fun way to promote the Weekend in your huddle as everyone gets excited about getting more people to the Weekend than your rival school!  We will be updating this list every time we get a new report of registrations from your school so be sure to let your area staff know each time you have more kids sign up and we will update the list below for everyone to see.  Can’t wait to see everyone in Grand Island on November 9-10!  The final results will be announced at the Weekend.

2013 Pregame Top Ten

Updated 9/23/13



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