Western NE Husker Tour a Success!

By February 18, 2011 News, Southeast, Western

February 12th-13th marked the dates of this year’s Western Nebraska Husker Tour in North Platte, Thedford, and Hyannis.  Husker Sophomore Cornerbacks Lazarri Middleton, Andrew Green, and Dijon Washington were escorted by Lincoln and Southeast Nebraska FCA Area Representative Robbie Trent out to these communities to talk about their relationship with Jesus Christ and how they live out their faith on the field.  As stated earlier the tour started in North Platte following the North Platte vs Scottsbluff boys basketball game.  This event was a real shot in the arm to the ministry that members of the adult booster club in North Platte have been trying to get going recently as it exposed more people in North Platte to the ministry and vision of FCA.  The Scottsbluff boys basketball team and a few parents even stuck around to hear about the faith of these Huskers.  Everyone had a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel.  Thank you to everyone in North Platte who were such gracious hosts and who are contending for the Gospel there!  The tour continued the next morning in Stapleton as we gave our Huskers a taste of Western Nebraska when we stopped at a meat locker formerly owned by Alan Ewoldt.  Our California and Texas native Huskers were pretty impressed by how we come up with Nebraska beef!  We then spent some time on a ranch along the Dismal River.  The guys got a chance to ride some horses and see some long horned cattle up close and personal.  Nothing like the burnt orange version they had seen from Texas earlier in the year.  Our Husker tour then continued in Thedford.  Organizers of a youth basketball tournament graciously blocked out 1/2 hour of time in the middle of their tournament to give the guys a chance to talk about their relationship with Jesus there.  The Gospel was clearly presented and the guys spent well over an hour signing autographs on the stage overlooking the gym where the tournament continued on.  After devouring some of the most delicious steaks these guys have ever had, they got a chance to fire some shots at some blue rock and we were off to Hyannis.  The guys did a great job testifying to the Gospel there as well and the people in Hyannis did a great job hosting us there.  Please be praying for the people in these communities as they continue to think about what they heard at these events and why these Huskers think and compete for the things they do!

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