Valentine FCA – 1st Huddle!

By November 1, 2010 Western

God continues to do great things in starting and growing our FCA Huddles in our schools in Western Nebraska both physically in numbers and spiritually (the most important part).  I was blessed to be a part of Valentine’s first FCA huddle meeting in a few years now as I made the treck through the miles and miles of Cherry County :).  It is amazing how God does his thing.  The new huddle coach at Valentine is Head Women’s Basketball Coach Katie Dent.  I went to school with Katie at Hastings College back in her glory days of winning National Championships for our alma mater.  Katie’s life was changed by God’s Grace through Jesus Sacrafice while she was at Hastings and now God is using her influence as a coach to have other kids hear about that same Grace in Valentine.  Please pray for this huddle as it gets off the ground – for their grasp of the Gospel at a deeper level and as they learn to compete in view of it.

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