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The Gospel-Driven Life

Michael Horton’s new book, “The Gospel-driven Life”?is helpful for any coach or athlete that wants to “Do Sports God’s Way.” The foundation for the Nebraska FCA is athletes and coaches being driven by God’s promises and directed by God’s purposes. Here is how Dr. Horton puts it in his book:

Are you driven by power, wealth, ambition, self-esteem, the acceptance of others??Or perhaps by nobler things, like making the world a better place, loving God and your neighbor, a sense of purpose and meaning??

While affirming the importance of having clear goals and a worthy focus in life, I?am urging us to put purposes in their place, as servants of promise. No longer under the law’s condemnation, the justified are free now to respond to God’s commands out of thanksgiving for the God whose character it displays and out of love our neighbors. The gospel saves us, giving us a reason to walk through the wilderness to the promised land, and the law guides us, giving us directions for that journey.

Christians are driven by God’s promises, and directed by God’s purposes

Read/Study Genesis 15 and Romans 4 for more on this point — Gordon Thiessen

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