2014 Game Day Interview #1

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2014 Game Day Interview #5

1. What stood out to you in Coach Brown’s post game talk?
2. What does he mean by “locking the rock” when it comes to the Gospel?
3. Discuss what he means by “What good is a running back who crosses the goal line without the football? What good is a Christian without carrying the truth of the Gospel to others?
4. Can you think of any examples of people in our culture that want us to fumble the Gospel?
5. Have someone in your group explain the Gospel. A great resource is www.morethanwinning.org.


Many people today don’t like the idea of propositional truth in spiritual matters. Propositional truth can be defined as a truthful statement. While it’s fine in medicine, when it comes to God, eternity, sin and forgiveness, you are accused of being too dogmatic or certain when suggesting that God’s Word is “God-breathed” (see 2 Tim. 3:16). Some may even think you’re being arrogant because of your assurance and conviction. We need to speak the truth in love (see Eph. 4:15). God loves us enough to send His only Son to save us (see John 3:16) and He gave us His Word which is filled with propositional truth. Don’t leave the Gospel at the goal line when life and death are at stake.

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