Sitting the bench to the glory of God!

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Have you learned how to sit on the bench to the glory of God? I think it’s one of the more difficult and important lessons one can learn in sports; how to sit the bench while keeping your focus on God’s purpose for you as a part of this team.

I thought about this as I read the following from the Lincoln Journal-Star…

According to team leader Mike Fox, there was no way Beatrice would have been the Class B champion without backup Ben Murphy. “Murphy is in there grabbing, popping people and really gives us a lift,” said Beatrice coach Jim Weeks. “He makes us better.”Fox agreed.“Murph gets in there against Zach and me in scrimmages and he’ll bang you around. He gets pretty rough. We came close to a fight in practice more than once. But we need a guy like that,” he said. (

I don’t know Ben Murphy, but I love his attitude! Now I’m not condoning fighting in practice, but Ben seems to be willing to give everything he’s got to help the team become the best team it can possibly become. It seems to me that he’s learned to be content with his role; even if that means he has to sit on the bench.

What is your attitude when you’re on the bench? Are you engaged in the game or looking around at the fans? Are you encouraging your team or are you feeling sorry for yourself? Are you learning by observing what’s going on so you can contribute the next time you’re in or are you thinking about how stupid Coach was to pull you out? Are you sitting man’s way or God’s way?

A word to parents: teach your son or daughter to learn how to sit the bench to the glory of God. Not everyone can start and not everyone can play, but the Sovereign God has given each of us a time and a place and a role according to our ability. Let the cross of Christ be a reminder that I can sit the bench and love my team by serving them because He first loved and served me!

Chris Bubak – FCA-Nebraska State Director

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