Session 2: Truths About God

By July 11, 2010 Gospel Is Everything

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Intro & Point One:  God is the creator/sovereign

  1. What does Genesis 1:1 say about God?  Why is this important to know?
  2. What does it mean for God to be “Sovereign”?
  3. Read Psalm 103:19, 115:3, and 135:6.  Discuss what these verses say about God.
  4. What is wrong with the analogy of God=Coach?



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Point Two:  God is Holy

  1. Read Isaiah 6:1-5.  How do these verses describe God’s character?  How does Isaiah view himself?
  2. What is the meaning of “Holy”?
  3. Read Revelation 15:4.  Is anyone Holy but God?



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Point Three: God is Righteous

1. What is wrong with the statement, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”? Is it appropriate to tell people that “Jesus died for them”? Why or why not?
2. What are some synonyms for God’s “righteousness”? Have you ever thought of God as a Judge?
3. Read Psalm 11:7 and 119:42. Discuss how these verses describe God.



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Point Four: God has expectations/laws/standards

1. What was the expectation God gave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?
2. Read Matthew 22:36-39. What is God’s standard for you according to these verses? Have you kept this standard?
3. How does understanding God’s law help us understand and appreciate the gospel?


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Point Five: God is a righteous Judge

1. Read Psalm 7:11; 9:8, Acts 17:31, and Revelation 19:11. What do these verses say about God?
2. Will God uphold or compromise his law? Why or why not? Do you think God will take bribes from those who violate his law?
3. In view of God’s character and law, how should we view ourselves?
4. The great dilemma of the gospel is “How can a just God justify the wicked”? Answer this question.

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