Revolutionary Love

By September 10, 2012 News


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The man I used to be is pushin’ and pullin’ me
To get me back on the throne
I’m wagin’ war and I am my own worst enemy
But I’m not fighting alone

This battle is already been won
I don’t have to prove a thing
The greatest weapon is what Jesus has done
So I’m surrendering


(I’m) Overtaken, motivated by a sacred
Revolutionary love
(These) Chains are breakin’, been invaded by a sacred
Revolutionary love

I can feel the love that has saved me, changin’ me
Givin’ grace I don’t deserve
And I can only do what He’s callin’ me to do
‘Cause Jesus has loved me first

Don’t need to hold on to anger and fear
Only love can take control
I see the cross and its message is clear
There is victory in letting go


I am a captive of his love for me
But I’m no prisoner, no I am free
All songs written by Gina Boe / Lisa Qualsett / Riley Friesen

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