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By September 30, 2010 Western

I received a text today from a student in my area that made me give praise to God for the great work that he does in people through Jesus sacrifice on the cross for our sin.  Here it is and I hope it spurs you on as well:

“Today my pe teacher didn’t think I could run the mile in under 6 minutes.  So without even stretchin, I just tied my shoes and took off.  I was so tired after the second lap and I wanted to give up so bad then I just looked down the track and outta nowhere came a thought of Jesus carrying the cross.  Look how tired he was.  He didn’t stop.  And the rest of the mile I thought about him dying for us and everything he’s done.  And I finished well under 6.  It was a really cool moment in my day so I thought I would share it with you.”

I proceeded to respond to this young man that what he experienced is what you call worship and thanked him for sending that to me because it encouraged he to live in awe of the cross today as well.  How can we gaze upon what Jesus has done and not respond in worship?  Even when our PE teacher asks us to run a mile under 6….

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  • Shirley Lewis says:

    What an inspiring message! May the Lord continue to bless this student in all that he does “in the name of the Lord”!