Pray for Reggie Bush

By September 27, 2010 News

Former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush returned his award following the penalties incurred by USC because he violated NCAA rules several years ago. However, he didn’t apologize for his bad behavior which led to a former assistant coach Steve Sarkisian to say, “He had a chance to apologize and look like a good guy,” the Washington head coach told ESPN’s Shelley Smith. “But in giving it back and not apologizing, he just looks like an idiot again.” Only a week after his decision not to apologize, he was seriously injured while playing for the Saints. Let’s pray, the Lord will use this circumstance to remind him of the need to repent of his sin for both salvation and his wrongful behavior toward USC. Last week’s Sports In Focus ZOOM lesson focused on the Sermon on the Mount which sets standards that go beyond demanding right behavior. It also demands right attitudes as well — not just that men do right but that they be right. No part of Scripture more clearly shows man’s desperate situation without God than the Sermon on the Mount. The sermon intends to drive the listener to Jesus Christ as man’s only hope of meeting God’s standards. Man can’t live up to the divine standard, he needs a supernatural power to enable him. The proper response to the sermon leads to Christ. You can download the entire lesson here.

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