Ogallala FCA Visit

By October 5, 2010 Western

I made a visit the the Ogallala FCA Huddle yesterday.  Coach Shane Fruit has been leading the huddle in Ogallala for years now and continues to to a great job in ministering to the kids at Ogallala High School.  Coach Fruit asked me to share for a few minutes with the kids while I was there and the Lord laid it on my heart to talk about Preparation.  So many kids run into adversity unprepared.  For a lot of kids, it is a matter of them believing the Gospel and being saved from God’s wrath for their sin.  But for other kids who have had their lives changed by God’s Grace through Jesus sacrifice on the cross, it is just a matter of seeing their adversity through the lens of the grace that has saved them.  We talked about how even Jesus prepared to go to the cross through his time of prayer in the Garden as He prayed for God’s Will above all else. Please pray for these Ogallala athletes as they compete this week that they would be prepared to face adversity as they trust our Lord and see every circumstance through the grace that has saved them.

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