Night of Champions

By November 3, 2020 November 12th, 2020 News

Ways to Watch:

  • With Your FCA Huddle
  • With Your Team
  • Student Leaders or Coaches organize small groups in several different homes.
  • Virtually with your Team or FCA Huddle on Zoom

Either way, encourage your group to gather 30 minutes early for pizza and fellowship!

What you need:

  • Click here for Huddle Discussion Questions 
  •  Technology
    • If you watch on your TV, download the YouTube App to any smart TV, Roku, Chromecast, Firestick, or Apple TV device.
    • If you watch on your laptop, you will want to track down a projector and speakers to make the event big enough and loud enough for all to see and hear.
    • If you plan to watch with your group on zoom, Share your screen for all to see. After you share your screen, move your mouse to the top of the screen until a menu of options drops down.  Roll your mouse over “More” then click on Share Computer Sound.
    • Search FCA Nebraska on YouTube to find the Live Event!
    • Be sure to test technology prior to the event starting.
    • Review Zoom meeting guidelines.
  • Safety
    • If gathering together, encourage the use of masks, encourage social distancing, and provide hand sanitizer. Review State Health Mandates.


  • Social Media: Utilize your local FCA social media along with the social media of your student leaders to participate in the FCA Night of Champions Social Media Challenge using #FCANOC2020
  • Word of Mouth: Challenge key student leaders to bring a certain number of teammates with them to the event.
  • Announce the event details at your FCA Huddle or Team Practices
  • Students will only be as excited to attend as you are! Lets promote this event with a God honoring enthusiasm!
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