New Huddle at the Gering Freshman Academy!

By October 12, 2010 Western

This morning I took in one of the first huddle meetings that have ever took place at the Gering Freshman Academy.  In the Gering school system, there is a Jr. High, High School and a Freshman Academy.  We have always had a huddle at Gering High School and for the last several years have had a huddle at the jr high but the freshmen have never had anything to attend until this year.  Justin Clark is the Head Soccer Coach at Gering and he has decided to give the freshman kids this opportunity.  Each time Coach Clark has had a meeting there have been more kids attend as they begin to figure out that there is a huddle and understand what FCA is.  Please pray for continued growth and deep impact for the new huddle at the Gering Freshman Academy!

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