Man of God

By February 9, 2010 News

Tim Tebow is a messenger. His name is “Timothy” because 23 years ago Bob Tebow was out preaching in some hot and dusty part of the Philippines, and he asked God to give him a preacher son. (Timothy is the name of a biblical preacher.) “Timmy has it built into him that he is on a mission from God to affect people’s lives,” Bob has said. And to do that, Bob Tebow’s son needs an audience.

Check out this ESPN report on Tim titled “Tim Tebow Man of God here. Man of God is a term used in 2 Timothy 3:17. It is a technical term, a man of God is someone uniquely called to proclaim the Word of God. In this case, it is Timothy. In the broader sense, it is any man of God who is equipped for this by all Scripture, and that, of course, 2 Timothy 3, as I read, “All Scripture is provided so that the man of God can be adequate to his work.” How can you speak for God unless you know the message of God? You cannot know the message of God apart from the Scripture. All Scripture then is given to us as men of God that we may be perfected or made adequate to the proclamation of the Word of God which is what it means to be a man of God.

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