King of Glory

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King of Glory

I may have thirty thousand days but each one fades fast
Beneath the sun to wither just like blades of grass
I know this earthly fame is bound to pass
But His glory is everlasting

The heavens tell the story of his artistry in elements
The cross is final proof of His power that is eminent
Everywhere you turn His might is evident
His reign will have no end to it

He is the Lord who created day and night on Earth
Who laid the moon and stars upon their perch
He is the One who makes the planets turn
Sets the flame that every comet’s burn

Who has witnessed and inspired the events of history
And live the countless moments that have yet to be
Jesus you are Master and Supreme
Oh let creation sing

King of glory He knows my name
King of glory surrendered for a slave
King of glory who owns eternity
And now this King of glory reigns in me

Ask me why I breathe I breathe to glorify
Ask me why I’m here I’m here to magnify
Man I know I live because He died
So that I may testify

They nailed Him to a cross but in three He walked again
No shackles on my soul ’cause Jesus conquered sin
Now my life belongs to Him
I cannot be condemned


Fall prostrate before the One who has the final word
Salvation that He offers has been completely sure
His agony replaced the pain and hell that I deserve
Unrecognizable until the day that He has made me pure

If I approach His throne, my own goodness in mind
May it burn into an ash before the fire in His eyes
Only good I can claim is the righteousness of Christ
King of glory, He knows me, I’ve been purchased with a price


All songs written by Gina Boe / Lisa Qualsett / Riley Friesen
EnCorps Songs (ASCAP) /

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