Jeremy Behnke

By May 4, 2011 Alumni

I went to Scottsbluff High School and graduated in 1996.  I starting going to FCA as a freshman in high school and continued on until I was a senior.  When I first started going to FCA as a freshman I went because I LOVED playing sports.  Little did I know that the love of playing sports would teach me about the love that Jesus has for me on a daily basis.  For this wonderful truth I feel so blessed.  When I was a sophomore I was at basketball practice and Colby Schaub asked me to visit with him about FCA, and I did and am very grateful that he reached out to me when he did.  He was asking me questions like, why do you come to FCA?  Because I love playing sports and all of my friends are here.  Pretty obvious reason for me to be going.  He then started asking much more important questions.    Do you know Jesus? Do you want to know Jesus?   These two questions I did not know the answers to.  Something started stirring in my heart that night but my head was very confused and was not ready to make this decision to live my life for Jesus at this time.  Luckily Colby did not press, but he did say that he would be praying for me and that he would be checking in with me periodically to see how I was doing.  Later that week we went to Alliance, Nebraska to play basketball, I saw Colby before we left and we were both sitting with other people on the way to Alliance, but on the way back we sat by each other,  HMMMMMMM!   Amazing how God works things out.  Colby asked me if I was ready to ask Jesus into my life, and I did that night Colby and I prayed together and I became a Christian that night.  I will never forget the night, I left the bus that night with two very wonderful things.  First a relationship with Jesus and the Bible to get to know Him better.  As you can see FCA’s impact on my life was truly amazing and I am very thankful for that!

 Currently I am finishing my seventh year of teaching elementary school.  I have taught two years of fifth grade and have spent the last five years in first grade.  Next year I will be going back to fifth grade, and I am very excited for the opportunity to teach the older students in the building again.  I was an assistant coach for girls Cross Country this past year and coach the distant athletes at Bluffs Middle School.  I truly enjoy these two sports.

 My wife Cassie has spent the last three years teaching at Scottsbluff High School.  She teaches in the science department.  She is also making a change next year and will be teaching eighth grade science  at Bluffs Middle School.   Cassie is a coach as well.  She is currently coaching the high school tennis team, and enjoys every minute she gets with the girls, she does an amazing job of connecting with the girls.

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