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It Takes a Team

This past weekend (1/27-28) Rex Burkhead, Aaron Green, Ciante Evans, and Mike Moudy made the trip out to Western Nebraska for the Western Nebraska FCA Husker Tour in Sidney, Ogallala, and North Platte.   There was an incredible turnout at each location as people came out to see their favorite Huskers as well as hear them talk about what was most important to them in their lives.  I am convinced that God used the platform that He has given each of these athletes to help people in each of these communities to be saved and for some to think about things they have never considered before.

At one point throughout the weekend I was asked who was responsible for putting this weekend together.  The only right response I had to that question was that “It takes a team.”  And more importantly it takes God working through people who have had their lives changed by His Grace.

In Sidney, it took God using a newly formed FCA Booster Club with a desire to see the Gospel put in front of athletes, coaches, and all whom they influence.  There are administrators, coaches, and influential people in that group who worked together to let people know about the event, line-up the facility, and organize the details to make it happen.  Sidney FCA Booster Club Vice President Jann Lawler shared the following:

“God is at work in Sidney Nebraska!  How do we know that?  At our recent 5th Quarter event, first stop of the Husker Tour there were over 400 who attended.  Whether they were there to get an autograph or hear the testimonies of these amazing young disciples of God, they were all blessed.  Our community was impacted through the message these young men shared and also raised the awareness of our new FCA Booster Club.  There were over 60 response cards completed by high school students who want to join the Campus Huddle and 50 middle school students who are also interested.  Before this event we weren’t sure what direction the Booster Club was going with regards to a Middle School Huddle.  NOW we know God is showing us the need and interest in forming this group.  Our community was truly blessed by their visit and are still talking about it.   It would have taken months to accomplish what was done in one night. Thanks so much to all who volunteered their time and resources to make this happen.”

In Ogallala it took God using a long time huddle coach and the organizer of a youth basketball tournament that was already in town to make His message known.  Huddle Coach Shane Fruit had this to say about how God used this event to impact his community:

“Having Rex, Aaron, Mike and Ciante in Ogallala has been a blessing to the Ogallala FCA.  We have a renewed spirit among the kids and even some of the teachers.  Thanks for blessing Ogallala with the presence of great student athletes, but more important bold believers that are willing to share their faith in Jesus Christ.”

In North Platte it took God using another newly formed FCA Booster Club with a heart to carry out the programs of FCA where they are.  They also got the word out to the community and even organized a supper for all the players.  North Platte FCA Booster Club President Kendal Dodge had this to say:

“It was amazing to see those 4 young men use the platform that God has given them through football to reach out to people in our area for His glory. The gospel was heard by 300-400 people that night, lives were touched, hearts were changed and the positive feedback from it has been incredible.”

In every location it took God using radio, tv, and newspaper personalities to not only help promote the events but also report on the message of the Gospel that the guys came to speak about. Here is a news story KNOP in North Platte did on the event:

Lastly, it took God using the message of Jesus Christ through the mouths of the players to impact lives.

If there is one lesson we should learn from this past weekend it is this:  God uses the Gospel to change peoples lives as people do the work of going to where people are to give it to them.  This past weekend no one sat around and waited for people to come to them.  No one sat around and assumed someone else would do it.  Everyone went to people who desperately needed Jesus and they gave Him to them…for that, I am grateful.

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

-Romans 10:15

Autograph Line in Sidney

Speaking in Ogallala

North Platte Welcome

Speaking in North Platte

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