Going Public

By September 4, 2012 News

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Going Public
Running with one intention
No half-hearted affection
Giving my full attention
My life is not my own

Called to be His reflection
In all things I’ll represent Him
Won’t make an exception
I will make him known


I am going public with his infinite worth
I’m joining up with the whole universe
To bring Him glory is why I exist
No choice but this
I’m going public

All things working together
For His purpose and pleasure
The cross calls me to surrender
And be conformed to Him

My life He’s redesigning
His grace keeps on refining
My one goal is His likeness
And I’m not hiding it


Can’t keep quiet
Won’t back down
Nothin’s gonna stop me now
Living so the? World can see
More of Him and less of me

All songs written by Gina Boe / Lisa Qualsett / Riley Friesen
EnCorps Songs (ASCAP) /

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