By September 27, 2011 Max Out Blog

By Gordon Thiessen. God doesn’t want us to be limited by self-imposed goals that are not in tune with the reality He has for us. He wants us to set our mind on one ultimate goal that will draw the best out of us, no matter what the situation. It will connect us with His plan for our life.

To emphasize how important this goal is, God repeated it several times in the Bible. He didn’t want us to miss it. Now, when your coach tells you to use a certain technique one time, you know that’s the technique he wants you to use, right? So, if your coach told you twenty times to use that technique, there definitely would be no mistake about it.
Well, in the Bible, God made it clear what He wants your athletic goal to be. In fact, He has affirmed it not twenty times, but one hundred and twenty times. It is a goal guaranteed to draw out the best in you in everything you do. Now, let’s look at one of those one hundred and twenty passages.
In this passage, we’re going learn that God wants you to be like someone.
“For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become CONFORMED to the image of HIS SON, that He might be the first born among many brethren…” Romans 8:29
In this passage, of course, the words “His Son” refer to Jesus Christ. That’s exactly who God wants us to be like in our thoughts, attitudes and actions. It’s only as we reflect the likeness of Jesus, and do things His way, that we really glorify God. After all, Jesus is the perfect picture of our invisible God (John 1:18).
Okay, why does God set Jesus up as the model for us weak humans? Interestingly, God says He wants us to become “conformed” to the image of His Son. The Greek word “conformed: (summorphos) is an inner process of development. It does not happen overnight. A life style of doing things Jesus’ way takes time to develop, but you can start right away.
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