Complacency – The Test of Prosperity

By March 17, 2008 Uncategorized

While watching my daughter’s team play at a volleyball tournament this weekend in Lincoln I was interested to see how the girls would handle prosperity. They had won every tournament that they had competed in up to that point. They have a lot of talent, work hard, and play well together.

But waiting in the midst of the test of prosperity is the hook of complacency, and they got caught by it. In the first of the tournament games, they won the first set easily, but then got beat the second set. The third was close, but the momentum was too much and they fell 14-16. They had become too complacent.

The threat in the test of prosperity is that you become over-confident and tend to rest a bit; take a breather. But the opponent will not rest! They are looking to fight back and knock you off. You must maintain your fight and your focus so that you can work hard to the very end. And at the end, you will stand in Christ!

The way to handle prosperity God’s way is to remember God’s providence. Thank Him for the success because God sovereignly blessed you with a gift. But keep your focus sharp and fresh. Hebrews 12:2 says, “Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith…” You can guard against complacency being thankful, and by finding a focal point that reminds you of the cross of Christ(the ball, the goal post, a spot on the court). When your mind is fixed on Christ, He will strengthen you to do sports God’s way!

Chris Bubak – FCA-Nebraska State Director

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