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Championships and Trophies

Championships and Trophies

March Madness — Championship Week — Those words bring a sense of electrifying anticipation to the air. In the last four weeks, Nebraska State Championships have been decided in wrestling, swimming/diving, cheerleading and dance team, girls and boys basketball. There has been a tremendous amount of excitement as individual and team championships were determined.

For many champions, they say “it’s the best thing that has ever happened”. . .that “this is the fulfillment of their lifelong dream”. But does it satisfy our restless hearts? One NFL player, who had played in three Super Bowls and had been named MVP in one of those, was quoted as saying, “yeah it’s great, but it’s still not enough. I won’t be happy until I’ve got a Super Bowl ring on all ten fingers!”

A college football player who had just experienced the thrill of winning a national championship commented that he couldn’t get over this deep feeling of depression that next morning because, in his words, “my god had died.” He had everything he had been living for. Now what?

In Ecclesiastes 3:11 Solomon explains why happiness is so elusive – – – “God has set eternity in the hearts of men.” We were made for something that will last forever, and nothing that doesn’t last forever will ever fill the hole in our heart. Many pursue the “treasures on earth” (championships) that Matt 6:19-21 talks about. But those will never satisfy! We are, in fact, made for a personal relationship with God, the only ONE big enough to fill that hole because it was made for Him.

Sondra Herold
Omaha FCA

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