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  • 6 Legacy Dinner-Kearney



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  • 2 Powercamp-Gering
  • 3 Western Nebraska Banquet-Gering
  • 9 Powercamp-Gering and Hastings
  • 10 Legacy Dinner-Lincoln


  • 2 Golf Marathon-Lincoln
  • 23 Golf Marathon-Grand Island
  • 27-29 NCC

How to Start a Booster Club

  • 1. Contact area FCA Staff
  • 2. Host an informational meeting
  • 3. Have potential officers complete Ministry Leader Application (MLA).
  • 4. Select officers
  • 5. Register the Booster Club here. Booster clubs must renew annually.
  • 6. Set first planning meeting
  • 7. Establish teams
  • 8. Set calendar of events


What is an FCA Booster Club?

An FCA Booster Club is a group of volunteers who are organized and committed to carry out the FCA mission of presenting the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in their local community.

Who makes up the Booster Club?

Booster Club members include interested parents, local church pastors, coaches and teachers, school administrators and other leaders in the community.

Why start a Booster Club?

The FCA is a volunteer-intensive ministry and Booster Clubs are the core of the volunteer teamwork necessary for the ministry to be successful. FCA is most effective when Booster Clubs organize, pray and plan around the question: How can we use the FCA ministry to impact our community for Christ?

What is FCA asking members to commit to?

  1. Be committed to follow Jesus Christ and serve Him as an ambassador to your community.
  2. Be committed to presenting the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord in your community.
  3. As a member, annually commit to participation at the quarterly Booster Club meetings.
  4. As an officer, be committed to serve out the a 2-year term as long as that is possible.
  5. Participate on one of the Booster Club ministry teams on an annual basis.

How do I join?

You may communicate your desire to one of the Booster Club members in your community, contact the FCA staff person that covers your area or contact the FCA State Office.

What do Booster Clubs do?

Booster Clubs provide the following crucial resources for local FCA ministry to happen; prayer, funding and FCA ministry planning. Booster Club members divide up into one or more teams, one for each of the 4 C’s (Coaches, Camps, Campus and Community), in order to utilize the programs that FCA can bring into their communities to reach coaches and athletes for Christ.

Club Operation Guides

Start a Huddle

The following is a list of steps the Booster Club should take in order to start a huddle at the local grade school, middle school, high school or college.

  • Contact the area FCA office to refer potential huddle coaches who want to start a huddle in a new school.
  • Request a “Potential Huddle Pack” be sent to you or the potential huddle coach.
  • Potential Huddle Coaches need to complete the Ministry Leader Application found on-line at www.nebraskafca.org.
  • Set up a meeting between FCA staff and the potential huddle coach(es) (in-person or via phone call) to review the Application and discuss next steps.
  • FCA will send out the “Huddle Starter Pack.”
  • FCA staff will go over the Curriculum and workshop material with the huddle coaches.
  • Finally, the Huddle will be certified and officially started.

Connect with Huddles

The following is a list of ways the Booster Club will want to connect with the local huddle and huddle coach in order to support and strengthen the huddle ministry.

  • Establish point person from team to regularly connect with huddle coach
  • Ongoing prayer support for huddle coach and huddle
  • Assist Huddle Coach in planning meetings/plan out the school year
  • Ask huddle coaches for a wish list
  • Support for meeting preparation
    • Securing a meeting location
    • Promotion-facebook, email/text, flyers, school announcements\
    • Snacks/Meals
  • Develop and maintain facebook page for huddle
  • Invite/connect school coaches with huddle group
  • Assist with outreach projects/special activities huddle may be doing
  • Assign a Campus Ministry Team member to be the communication/promotion point person for the huddle. Tasks include:
    • Connect with parents and provide information about what’s going on with the huddle, upcoming events, etc (recommend an email list)
    • Help promote huddle meetings among students
    • Promote special events the huddle is hosting
  • Outreach Opportunities-Coordinate with the huddle to hand out More than Winning tracts or Husker FCA Football Cards at different school events. Contact your local FCA Office for mater

Team Studies

Team studies are Bible studies led by qualified student-athletes for the purpose of sharing Christ and His Word with their teammates.

Resources for this can be found at www.nebraskafca.org.  To learn more about team studies and how to get one started, please contact your area FCA staff person.

Team Chapels

Team chaplains are local volunteers from the community who are qualified leaders serving alongside a specific team or teams in the school.  They provide opportunities like game-day chapel services, mentoring and Bible studies to the members of the team that choose to be involved.

Resources for this can be found at www.nebraskafca.org.  To learn more about being a Team Chaplain and how to get started, please contact your area FCA staff person.

Team Focus Week

Minister to individual sports teams by coordinating with the huddle to set aside a week focusing on a different team each week. Encourage each member of the team and coaches and invite them to the huddle meeting.

Community Ideas

5th Quarter Party

5th Quarter Parties are typically held after a home game, drawing on the game crowd and opposing team and supporters for attendance at the 5th Quarter Party. Speakers can include college athletes or former athletes who will share their testimony and the gospel. 5th Quarters are a great rallying point and can be used to kick-off a new huddle, promote camps, etc.

Fields of Faith

Fields of Faith is a peer-to-peer ministry event. Students invite their own classmates and teammates to hear fellow students share their testimonies, be challenged to read the Word of God and follow Jesus Christ. An athletic field provides a neutral, interdenominational rally point where a community can come together.

Students combined with a leadership team will work together to run the event. The leadership team will work to form partnerships with churches in the area regardless of denomination and help plan their Fields of Faith event.

Fields of Faith follows the method used by King Josiah. Most modern rallies are built around entertainment with professional speakers and this tends to create a separation. Fields of Faithhighlights local students in the program creating a powerful connection. The success of this event is rooted in its simplicity:

  1. Bring many people together at one time.
  2. Read Scripture and share personal testimonies.
  3. Be challenged by fellow students to read the Word of God and to follow Jesus Christ.

Adult Huddles

Adult Huddles serve as a gathering of sports-minded adults in a community for Bible Study and to stay informed on booster club and huddle activity in their community. Contact your local FCA Staff for more information on starting an Adult Huddle.

Area Banquets

Different formats of Area Banquets have proven tried and true. Banquets range from an informal potluck dinner sharing the year’s highlights and bringing in a Husker athlete as the speaker to a 300 person sit down dinner held at a banquet facility with a theme such as Legacy driving the program. Contact your local FCA Staff for more information.

Golf Tournaments

Contact area office for tourneys in Scottsbluff, Grand Island/Kearney/Hastings, & Norfolk

Golf Marathon

  • Identify golfer(s) and/or fundraiser(s) for one of FCA’s Golf Marathons (Lincoln & Grand Island- May, Omaha-June)
  • Communicate with Area Director regarding participant names
  • One-half of money raised will return to the booster club, one-half of money raised helps support Area Ministry
  • See golf marathon materials for specific information on how to raise pledges, pledge lists, prizes, event details
  • Support golfers/fundraisers by helping them secure pledges

One Day Sports Clinic

What is a mobile camp?
Bring a sport-specific camp to your community with instruction and skills based on the Doing Sports God’s Way principles. FCA staff provides the coaches, camp curriculum/instruction, and resources as needed/available.

What sports are available for a mobile camp?
Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer

What ages can we target?
We strongly encourage offering mobile camps to elementary and middle school students. High school students can attend camp outside of the sport’s regular sea-son.

How do we host a mobile camp?

  1. Determine what type of camp you’d like to host.
  2. Contact the FCA staff overseeing the camp type for available dates:
    • Football-Robbie Trent (rtrent@fca.org 402.464.2343)
    • Basketball-Brian Conklin (bconklin@fca.org 402.934.7475)
    • Volleyball-Rebecca Hughes (rhughes@fca.org 402.934.7475)
    • Soccer-Anna Trent (annawhite@fca.org 402.464.2343)
  3. Review and follow the Mobile Camps timeline in Booster Club Manual.

Husker Player Tour

FCA tries to give current Husker athletes a platform to share their faith in communities across Nebraska. Typically a weekend in both January and February are reserved for these trips and events take place after a basketball game and/or a community event Saturday morning/afternoon.