FCA Responds to ACLU Threat

By September 23, 2010 News

Last week the Nebraska chapter of the ACLU sent a letter threatening litigation if organizations like the Todd Becker Foundation or Mission Nebraska are allowed to conduct assemblies in Nebraska school districts. The Nebraska chapter of FCA along with Mission Nebraska and the Todd Becker Foundation have asked the Law Offices of KEATING, O’GARA, NEDVED & PETER to analyze the ACLU’s position in order to help set the record straight. See downloadable documents for the letter of response and information regarding religious expression in public schools.

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One Comment

  • David Seizys says:

    Praise God for those that continue to preach the Word of God and continue to stand up for our rights as believers! Just as David never took a “defensive” stand, but rather went on the “offensive” side of the ball to fight Goliath, we as believers must follow suit and continue to use our “offense” to stay in the game.